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Sculptor Ken Ryden with completed commission, former Indiana Governor Frank O'Bannon, and Lynn Ryden.

Creative concepts are the longtime speciality of artist-sculptor Kenneth G. Ryden. He is adept at creating site and context specific works in any scale. Kenneth's works range from abstract to representational forms as he seeks to create sculpture that invokes an aesthetic response appropriate to the history, architecture, and cultural climate characteristic of a particular setting.

In addition to bronze, he often employs other media to accent the existing elements of a site. A skilled mediator. Kenneth is proficient at working with communities, architects, and engineers, to achieve a harmonious and exciting result.

To Commission an Original Sculpture:
1.) An initial design fee is paid to the artist who will in turn produce a drawing or model for the approval of the commissioner.
2.) One half of the agreed purchase price will be paid to the artist upon the signing of a contract.
3.) The artist will collect the balance of the fee upon delivery or installation of the work.

Contact the artist by phone or E-mail for a free consultation.

Or telephone:
(765) 759-0163