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At any given time you will find artist-sculptor, Kenneth G. Ryden in the middle of several projects in his studio at Ryden Arts. The recently completed "Graces" is seen here in the bronze-casting foundry. The three seven foot tall bronze figures are now installed in downtown Anderson, Indiana.

Final touches on the models for "The Graces".

Kenneth Ryden is a prolific sculptor and has created an extensive body of work, only some of which is presented in this site's gallery. He is considered to be fluent with the language of form and is equally comfortable working both abstractly and figuratively. Often he merges the two.

In all his work he strives to develop a feeling of monumentality irrespective of size and captures the subtle nuances of a fleeting gesture or the animating spirit of a glance. His work provokes both thought and inspiration. Current and past works range in size from very personal objects in bronze and precious metals, to major public monuments incorporating bronze, stone, stainless steel, and water. As seen in the gallery, site and context specific projects are a particular specialty.

"The Graces" installed in downtown Anderson, Indiana.